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Understand Employees With Your 10 Ideas

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summer footwear

Summer Sneaker Season

Summer is upon us New York, and the perfect shoe is a must for all your walking needs – but it has to be cute. My friend Alex was struggling with this. He wanted something he can wear everyday to work with jeans but not look like he just got out of the gym and forgot his shoes. I didn’t realize until I talked to him how hard it is for some people to make a decision around this. And it becomes even harder if you cant afford to pay a higher price at a nicer store that will give you the appropriate help you may need. After much discussion he decided on adidas, they were in his price range and he was comfortable with them because he has previously owned a pair.  The next time I saw him he had the black sambas and the all white stan smiths.

I wear whatever is most comfortable for me at the moment. Living in new york you quickly realize how important good footwear is. I have had shoes for years that I deemed comfortable until I had worn them for an entire day here in new york city. You are on your feet all day and sometimes your commute can be up to an hour – so for me I am all about fun flats – sandals, sneaker, slides and whatever else isn’t putting me 4 inches off the ground.

Creeper Puma

I had been obsessing about Rihanna’s Creeper Puma Sneakers for about a year now. When I was in Miami this winter for Basel I saw my friend Abby that moved down there. We got our nails done and the manicurist was wearing the creepers in white suede. We started talking about them and how hard they were to get – shoes in general these days its crazy, you have to be like sitting online waiting for them to come out if your not actually at the stores standing online, or using a bot – I cant deal – Abby grew up with the guy that designed the creeper sole. Apparently he is Abel of The Weeknd’s stylist and he used to attach the creeper soles to all of his own shoes. Someone on Rihanna’s team saw this design and bought it from him for her puma sneakers. I thought that was pretty cool. So fast forward to last week, and about 3 releases of the creepers later. I’m in Lady Footlocker on Broadway buying myself the White Huarache’s. These sneakers are a must for everyone and they have a lot of fun color ways. I like the black and army green, but I got myself the all whites for summer. They are feather weight on your foot and completely breathable, I highly recommend.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 1.37.08 PM

Black on Black

When I was checking out I saw this girl trying on the BLACK ON BLACK SUEDE CREEPERS, so naturally I froze – took a deep breath and asked for them in my size. Apparently she re-released only to Lady Footlockers in Manhattan the black on black and the white on white patent leather. I basically held my breath waiting for him to come up with my size. Fail. They only had a 7.5 in the black. After attempting to stuff my feet in the 7.5’s I tried on the white on white patent because they had them in my size, an 8. I really did love these. If I already had a pair of the black suede I would have 100% gotten them. They were dope and you could dress them up so easily with slacks or a cool dress – but they were v heavy, the patent mixed with that thick sole. The sales associate told me to try the other locations. I bought the hurraches and started on my search. I was determined now, if they were out in the world I had to have them. After calling every single Lady Footlocker from Massachusetts through Connecticut to New York upstate, and all its surrounding burrows, Open Ceremony and even Kith I went home to lick my wounds. Regrouped, went online and found them for – obviously a way higher price than Lady Footlocker at Kixify.

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 1.36.23 PM Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 1.36.35 PM

me vs. in-store personal shoppers

In-house v.s. Independent Personal Shoppers

I am an independent personal shopper. I believe that every store is filled with semi ok “personal shoppers.” The problem with these people are they don’t know you personally, they can only judge you based on what you are wearing the day they meet you – when you walk in their store – and blinding by the short interaction you share with them.I believe the way I do things is much more effective and causes you to get the most for your money.

In the perfect world with the “perfect” client I would meet them at their home and review their closet and wardrobe together with them. This to me is the most important part. It allows you to really understand you client and who you are working with. It allows you to go piece by piece and get rid of thing they no longer wear, or what doesn’t fit them any more freeing up space for new things.

I am a big believer in not getting new stuff until you get rid of some old. After a complete closet edit I know where and what needs to be filled in – whether its just basics or a few staple pieces everyone needs like a good blazer or a nice pair of flats you can dress up or down.

Importance of Process

For my own personal benefit I always find it easier when given a budget and sent off on my own to shop for my client. This was I can work at my own speed and I’m not interrupted or stalled by body issue moments or other insecurities. But I’m finding a lot of my clients like to be involved in every part of the process – especially in the beginning – after they have worked with me a few times they trust me more to get the job done on my own.

When I shop alone I pull and purchase items from all different stores, bring them back to the clients home where they try everything on – usually in a specific order with pre styled outfits – and decide what they like and don’t like and what fits them. Everything left over I return to the stores myself.

After working with certain clients they realize how important this process is. I have a lot of women who see me quarterly to get ready for each season, some are just twice a year and some are by events. If they are getting ready for a gala or charity ball they will call me to curate their outfit from head to toe so they don;t have to think about it – these are usually the working moms.

A little about me

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 1.24.35 PM

My love for shopping started at a young age. Growing up in an artistic family gave me an eye for the good stuff. My mother was a professional shopper so I learned how to “click” the racks from the best. Naturally I was able to put things together that looked good and I enjoyed doing so. I remember in 5th and 6th grade – during the peak of my “mall rat” stage – being obsessed with the limited too. Me and a group of my girlfriends would cruise around fliriting with guys and eating at the food court as well as getting new colored “silk” pajama sets from the limited too. One of my closest friends mothers would give me money to pick out outfits for her daughter, Chanelle. I loved doing this and was also really good at it – and its especially easy since everything looked good on her. With the budget I was given I would pick out as many outfits for her we could get.

Every year for the Holidays I am in charge of the gifts for all of my cousins. There are 14 of them ranging in age from 12-36 and let me tell you they all have very different personalities, likes and dislikes. I like this challenge because it makes me step out side of myself so I can see from their perspective what they would like – and for some more I know it will be good for them and they should be wearing it, so far so good with that unless their lying to me – ha!


About a month ago I was hired to take 20 year old Nick shopping. He just finished his first year of college and was looking to update his wardrobe – still him and fun just a little bit more sophisticated. We talked about his budget and I went over his house to look at his existing wardrobe to see what he was missing. This helps me know what he needs before we start shopping. He had tons of cargo shorts so I decided getting some NON cargo shorts in the mix was a must – and he had to promise to throw away at least 3 pairs.

After considering his budget and the massive sale going on I decided Old Navy was our best bet, and also where we’d get the most bang for our buck. Upon entering I began quickly pulling options for him, checking in with him to make sure he was happy with what was being picked. When we got to the dressing room I separated each look for him so he understood what to try on with what – and made sure he knew to show me everything. We went through one by one deciding together if he liked it and would feel comfortable wearing it. When shopping with someone its important that they feel comfortable with you. It’s okay to push people a little bit towards something you think will work well for them but theres a limit – you don’t want your client leaving feeling like they just got bulldozed by you into buying a bunch of things they won’t ever feel comfortable wearing.




This was one of our favorite outfits. It was hard for him to get behind the collar on the polo shirt but I explained its a gap in his wardrobe and you throw it on with shorts or pants to slightly dress up your look, for dinner or something where you want to wear more than just a t-shirt.

Click here to view shorts on Old Navy’s website




Nick was hesitant about the Khaki shorts but I explained to him you wear them just like you would jeans or any of the cargo shorts he had at home. The darker khaki is less preppy and I thought would match better with his existing tops. The top is a light weight linen blend-perfect for summer nights. I couldn’t get him on board with the knock off van sneakers they had… maybe next time.

Click here to view top on Old

Click here to view shorts


The Drawstring Chambray Jogger Shorts were my favorite item he got. They’re as comfortable as wearing sweatpants shorts but they look nice. Drawstring waist can be a nice change especially when its really hot out.

When I dropped him off we went to his room and laid out all the items we got – he was wearing the Fleece Zip Hoodie so cozy, so its not pictured here. We stayed in his budget, actually under and got 3 solid outfits that can all be mixed and matched. All the tops can be worn with all the bottoms basically and vice versa. It was a really successful first trip, I feel like I really got to know Nick by the end of it. His Mother wanted us to get a blazer for him. We looked in about 6 different stores and nothing was perfect. Blazers are the type of things that you need to have in your wardrobe but its very hard – unless you can pay top dollar – to shop for one, its one of those things that when you see it you get it. With that being said we did not see it but I now have his size and will be on the lookout for one during my own shopping trips.


One of my close friends asked me to take his boyfriend shopping. Ray, the boyfriend, just started a new job and wanted to get some good outfits he could wear for work. He had limited budget so I wanted to focus on the sale sections – which would work because he is working in a corporate office building and even though its summer they have the AC on Antartica in those places. Ray also had a very strict – almost narrow minded – idea of what looked good on him. Which let me tell you was completely delusional because literally everything looks good on him! I mean he won’t wear shorts because their “corny” and his legs look crazy…that was just one delusional statement he shared with me during our outing.

We were most successful at Topman. They are having a huge sale so we elbowed our way in and sifted through each sale rack fighting off the hoards of people. Soho on a Saturday is a suicide mission is you ask me. But must do what the client wants…I pulled pieces off the racks I thought he would like, I’d hold them up and wait for his approval or disapproval, then on to the next piece.

We entered the dressing room with about 4 causal crew neck long sleeve tshirts, all navy blue, as well as 2 collared shirts and this to die for maroon flight jacket. I really wanted to push him a little out of his conform zone withe flight jacket. He only wears navy blue jeans so I thought black is always good but the burgundy/wine color would be the perfect neutral pop he needed in his wardrobe. After much consideration and a few easy logistic discussions we left with: 1 long sleeve slim fit navy collared button-up shirt, 1 short sleeve chambray with white trim collared button up, 1 navy blue crew neck long sleeve and the burgundy flight jacket.




Washed Black Waffle Textured Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Size: Large

Sale Price: $18.00

Click to purchase shirt on Topman website.




Burgundy Lightweight Bomber Jacket

Size: Large


Click here to view on Topman website



Blue Short Sleeve Shirt Slim Smart Shirt

Size: Large

On Sale for: $18

Click here to view on Topman website

(Link has different color shirt than one pictured left)



Homme Navy Shirt Slim Fit

Size: Large

On Sale For: $35

Click here to view on Topman website

Overall I think this was a successful trip. He left feeling happy and confident with everything he bought and I learned a lot about him: His likes and dislikes his comfortability level with things and most importantly what made him happy.

He got a few pieces that he would not have picked out himself, he just needed a little push. But I really learned overall how different some people think about and view clothes. For me burgundy is like black or blue, especially in a jacket. I would wear it with all different colors treating it like a neutral. For some people that doesn’t come natural they need to be shown – and it will take them a minute to adjust but once they do they’ll see how much opportunity it opens up when getting dressed in the morning!